All About Me

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I believe that the definition of a producer is someone who gets stuff done. If I was going to write a book about producing I would call it “I Got A Guy (or Gal)”.
These days there is rarely a traditional project that is simply a photo shoot or a printed brochure. There are so many new ways to get a message out into the world and most times it is something that no one has quite taken on before. But even if I haven’t done it before, I bet I know someone who can help or refer me to someone who knows how to get it done. And having that experience and network is the key to being a good producer.

I spent the majority of my career at Goodby Silverstein & Partners. While there, I worked on every major brand that passed through the agency doors – Polaroid, Adobe, Elizabeth Arden Fragrances, Nike, NBA, Comcast, Princess Cruise Line and Chevrolet – to name a few. For eleven years, I was also the leader of an amazing team in the role of Director of Art & Print Production and Associate Partner.

I have had the pleasure of working with such diverse talent as Britney Spears and even an alligator.

I am now in the freelance world and have enjoyed working at a variety of places such as Facebook, Salesforce, 215 McCann, barrettSF, BSSP and GS&P. I have produced or project managed photo shoots, a live stream event, simple videos, product packaging, printed and digital out-of-home, a popcorn truck and store windows.

My goal is to embrace new challenges, meet talented people and find something to laugh about every day. And maybe one day I will even write that book.